Shot Of The Day: Jan 20, 2013, Empty Strip Mall, And Yet To Be Finished Building

Shot of the day, Jan 20 of 2013, sneak peek photo

Shot of the day, Jan 20 of 2013, sneak peek photo

Empty strip mall is a frequent occurrence nowadays.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe, building two strip malls across each other creates cutthroat competition, leading to an empty one?  Perhaps, economy is so bad at the moment that strip malls across the state are going emptied?  Then there are those unfinished buildings and some yet to be finished but take a long time to form their finished structures.  All in all, it’s a telling picture at the moment.  What telling picture?  It’s up to you to form it!  Click on the sneak peek photo to view the rest of the batch (i.e., photos that I took for this particular photo blog post).  You can also just click on this link to do the same.


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