Chicago – Visiting My Older Cousin on Nov. 15th to 18th of 2019

I brought my new Sony RX100 VII to Chicago to visit my older cousin. We went around Chicago Downtown and I took a lot of pictures. I also visited the Art Institute of Chicago and took a few pictures there. Unfortunately, my memory card was out of memory space and so I had to stop taking pictures. This is why I don’t have that many photos of Chicago’s Art Institute. I had a lot of good food and fun with my cousin in his hometown. It was my first time there, and so I got to enjoy a very different atmospheric city vibe than where I am now which is Atlanta. I have to say, I prefer Chicago’s downtown more than I do with Atlanta’s downtown. Sorry Atlanta, but we got to up our game if we want Atlanta downtown to be just as cool and a good spot for tourists. I think the Sony RX100 VII performed brilliantly, but when Chicago’s sky got darken by around 4:30 PM or so, my camera started to show weakness when taking pictures in low light. The images come out too noisy since the ISO had to be up around 6400. I had to do a lot of massage in Luminar 4 photography software editor for the images to look just OK. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my adventure in Chicago. The trip was taken place between November 15th to November 18th of 2019.

Click on the picture above to visit this photo album on Flickr.

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