2021 Atlanta to Chicago Vacation – Recorded with Samsung S21 Ultra Smartphone

I flew from Atlanta to Chicago to visit my cousin. He was excellent at hosting me in his hometown. He took me to several places that he loved most, and he also took me out to eat some of his favorite foods. Using this opportunity, I filmed parts of my trip using Samsung S21 Ultra smartphone. Smartphone has gotten so good with camera tech in which now I loath to carry a mirrorless or DSLR camera with me, whether compact or not since having to carry one extra device is one more burden to ruin your otherwise enjoyable outing. With my decision of just using Samsung S21 Ultra as the camera/videographer device, my outing about in Chicago was way more enjoyable. Lastly, I want to mention that in the video, I’d recorded a part or two of my cousin drove me from Chicago to Indiana. We went to Indiana to visit more family folks of ours. By the way, the settings on my Samsung S21 Ultra for recording the video on this trip is 16:9 UHD 60fps using Video Pro mode. Check out the video right after the break. Enjoy!

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