Welcome to EndlessBit.com!  I’m an amateur photographer.  Actually, I don’t think I’m even qualify to be an amateur photographer, but I love to snap pictures with iPhone 5 camera and Sony DSC-TX10.  Anyhow, I might upgrade these cameras to a DSLR camera, but I don’t know which DSLR camera ecosystem I want to invest in yet.

Here on EndlessBit.com, you get to see me attempt to showcase the pictures that I took and heavily retouched and edited in various photography software.  Perhaps, I might improve my skill in churning out great photos and have many huge selections of them to showcase on here.  I hope you will like them!  (Note:  Unless I stated otherwise, all photos that are being showcased on this website were taken by me.)

Please make yourself at home at EndlessBit.com.  If you like my work a lot, don’t forget to spread the word.  I’m also the author for EssayBoard.com, a blog which concentrates on churning out technology blog posts.  If you have time and think technology is something you want to read up, please give EssayBoard.com a visit.

By the way, some photos that I post on EndlessBit.com can be reused for any purpose, but the copyright attribution must stay intact.  By this I mean, the photos on EndlessBit.com are being copyrighted by Vinh Nguyen (which is me).  If you’re going to use the photos on EndlessBit.com for your projects, you must attribute the copyright to me (which is Vinh Nguyen).  Also, you cannot modify these photos in any shape or form, and you cannot remove the watermark from the photos.  You may have to carefully look out for certain descriptions below some photos where I might state that you cannot reuse the photo for any purpose.  In such case, please do not reuse such photos for any purpose!

Thank you for visiting EndlessBit.com, please come back soon!